Cloud Management

SCRUM Immersion Series

This series covers the functions and features of Scrum Immersion. Students will learn about SCRUM basics and key SCRUM artefacts. They will also learn about user stories and implementing SCRUM.

Amazon Web Services – Basic Series

This course will introduce students to Amazon Web Services, as well as teach them about services and support, creation, security, best practices, net and content delivery, storage and object lifecycles, and EC2.

Scrum Product Owner Training Series

This training series covers the concepts of Scrum Product Owner training. Students will get an introduction to Scrum, and learn about roles and responsibilities, planning, managing quality, change, and risk, and also learn about sprints.

OWASP Threats Fundamentals Series

OWASP Threats Fundamentals Series In the OWASP Threats Fundamentals course, students will review and address some of the OWASP Top Ten threats. As hackers continue

SQL Server Core 2016

This training series will introduce students to SQL Server 2016, as well as teach them about T-SQL and manageability enhancements, more enhancements and In Memory Tables, and Column Store Indexes.

Exploring SQL Server 2016: Fundamentals

This series covers everything you need to know about the fundamentals of SQL Server 2016. Students will learn about T-SQL and manageability enhancements, more enhancements and in memory tables, and column store indexes

Exploring ASP.NET Core: Intermediate

This course series will go over ASP.NET Core Structure and Middleware, Dependency Injection and Tag Helpers, and Working with View Components.